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It is unfair to say that Endland is an Island. Because when one thinks of an Island they think of a small place with a handful of people on it. This place is a massive peice of land with an uncountable number of people on it. The world’s history feels so long and old to those who live there, but most can only feel, and not know, what has happened in the past.

The Races of old were brilliant and powerful. They Were made in the in Isetoll by the Trickster god Lori to spite his Elder Altron. From there they went south to populate the golden feilds of Engeror, the Mystical Jungles of Elvelair, the green plains of Baddon, and the mountainous realm of Reklusse.

Those races worshiped their gods for a long while. But over time each ragion fell from the grace of heaven. The Men of Isetoll became greedy and stopped sacrificing gold to Lori. He blew upon them a cold winter that would never lift. They hid underground and became the Dwarves. The men of Engeror became obsessed with Industry and Corporations for profit. All the temples were sacked to make room and money for the great companies. The men of Elvelair discovered the Jumgle’s many drugs, and eventually became infatuated and addicted to them. The men of Recklusse were filled with glorious Adventures who protected them from the constant threat of Giants and Trolls. The greatest of these adventuresd were worshipped in place of the gods. The men of Baddon were the most powerful, and the most egotistical. They challenged the gods with their great magic, actually decalring war with them. When the gods invaded, all the men of Endland banned together to fight their collective enemy.

And so the End War ensued.

The great cities of Baddon were turned to desert and its people became green and ugly, making them Orcs. The shores of Recklusse were flooded and drowned. The men of the world fought against the angels of the gods with their magic.

It was considered the end times.

Many died, but the greatest Wizards of the Intelligent races engineered a great plan to finally end the bloody war. They would sacrifice the lives of seven thousand people, and in doing so cast a single spell that blast the world of Endland into oblivion, and ripped into the heavens and killed the very gods themselves.

The power of this spell killed every man, dwarf, elf, orc, and angel alike. So few people remained, society had to rebuild, and the End War became a myth few even cared to learn.

However mythological it remains, the End Spell left a lasting mark on the world: a lingering poison, a magic radiation called Aether. It sits in the water, in the ruins, and in the blasted deserts and wastelands, and it is not safe. It mutates the body with mystical powers, and gives magic power to those who never practiced it. Its powers are addictive to some, such as the Elves who became greedy and savage as they became addicted to exposing themselves to Aether.

The 5 regions are Isetoll ,Engeror ,Elvelair ,Baddon , and Reklusse.

Main Page

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